The Very Fragrant Rose ‘Gertrude Jekyll’

Pink rose with a beautiful rosette shaped flower

On Sundays, I’m sharing a square cropped picture of a pink rose as part of Becky’s Square In September challenge. We are invited to dip in and out of this daily challenge as we please. She’s looking for a post where the main photograph is square and the subject is In The Pink.

Several people have asked if the roses I’ve been sharing this month are especially fragrant. Last week’s was not, so I promised a highly scented one for this week and I have kept my word. Rosa ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ has as strong and lovely an Old Rose fragrance as anyone could hope for. Scratch and sniff!

(It might work, if you have an active imagination).

39 Replies to “The Very Fragrant Rose ‘Gertrude Jekyll’”

  1. oh this is one of my favourites. I remember smelling it at Kew last year. There were so many scented roses but this one just captured our noses!!

    1. I’ve seen this rose have that effect several times in a rose garden – one person samples the scent, exclaims in delight and calls their companions over.

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