The Very Fragrant Rose ‘Gertrude Jekyll’

Pink rose with a beautiful rosette shaped flower

On Sundays, I’m sharing a square cropped picture of a pink rose as part of Becky’s Square In September challenge. We are invited to dip in and out of this daily challenge as we please. She’s looking for a post where the main photograph is square and the subject is In The Pink.

Several people have asked if the roses I’ve been sharing this month are especially fragrant. Last week’s was not, so I promised a highly scented one for this week and I have kept my word. Rosa ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ has as strong and lovely an Old Rose fragrance as anyone could hope for. Scratch and sniff!

(It might work, if you have an active imagination).

39 Replies to “The Very Fragrant Rose ‘Gertrude Jekyll’”

  1. It works! Well, I had to scratch three or four times, and then it came back to me, I smelled these once in the big rose gardens above Portland, Oregon.
    Worth a visit.

    1. It’s funny how fragrances can take you back. I visited the rose garden at Portland about ten years ago. I can’t remember seeing Gertie there though.

      1. Yes, roses transport me, too! It may have been in Golden Gate Park San Francisco, Balboa Park San Diego, or Hyde Park London, though. So many lovely roses! 🌹

  2. I cannot scratch and sniff, but I will go out into the garden, when the rain stops, and have a sniff at our Gertrude rose. Someone once gave it to my wife, because her name is Gertrud. Thank you for the beautiful photo, Susan!

  3. Oh, wow. One could fall into this and just lie there for an eon, being blissful. It took me a moment to respond because I had to pick myself up from the Scratch and Sniff. You caught me off-guard on that one. Not that I wasn’t tempted to try. Thanks for this amazement!

    1. I dare hardly confess that to meet the brief of being square, I was forced to cut two buds off, but I suppose you can always imagine those too. They’re funny looking buds, rather like the ends of little trumpets.

      1. I noticed pink parts on the sides that looked suspiciously bud-like, and I couldn’t help thinking that some day they would appear on another post. Now that I know they look rather like the ends of little trumpets, I’m almost sure they will make their own appearance!

  4. I have this rose in my garden too. In total, I have 7 fragrant roses which, but I also have a lot of unperfumed roses, grown for their shape, colour and beauty. My favourite flower although I hate, hate, hate the thorns.

    1. I’m part way through writing a post about why fragrance isn’t the be-all and end-all for roses. I agree with you that the thorns can be pesky too!

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