Colourful Pavement Garden In Lancashire, England

Pavement garden with lots of flowers

I’ve been fascinated by the use of containers clustered together to create the illusion of a garden since my first visit to Japan where the style is widespread. This fine example of a container garden is much closer to home.

Diminutive, but for me, as sweet as they come, it brightens up the entrance to a traditional stone-faced terrace that opens directly on to the pavement. Continue reading “Colourful Pavement Garden In Lancashire, England”

Great Companion Plants for a Cottage Garden: Roses

This post about companion plants for roses (especially shrub roses) is the third in my series on companion plants.

Roses with perennials including Erigeron and Knautia
Roses with perennials including Erigeron and Knautia

Companion plants bring out the best characteristics of other plants and help to make up for any weaknesses. They mingle in, around, above or below other plants. Good neighbours, they will not compete too aggressively for food, water or space. Continue reading “Great Companion Plants for a Cottage Garden: Roses”

One Photo Two Ways

This week’s Lens-Artist’s challenge – to share scenes captured in more than one way – is very welcome. I routinely take several shots of anything that piques my interest and just as regularly am not sure which I prefer. It’s nice not to have to choose.

Rousham doorway with clematis

Take this clematis clad stone wall and doorway at Rousham Gardens.  Is the scene more romantic when your eye isn’t being led away down the path (which would probably have been my choice) or do you prefer to wander? Continue reading “One Photo Two Ways”