Rosa Caldwell Pink Repeats and Can Be Grown Organically. What’s The Catch?

Rosa 'Caldwell Pink'

Rosa ‘Caldwell Pink’ produces abundant sprays of rosette flowers; repeats from mid spring until the first frosts; and can be grown organically without spraying for pests and diseases. Drought tolerant once established, it thrives in full sun. Heat and humidity, the downfall of many a rose, suit it just fine. 

‘Caldwell Pink’ is one of the top five roses my sweetheart recommendeds for Mississippi. For the last 3 or 4 weeks, sprays of neat little rosette flowers have been dancing over our shrub which occupies a choice spot at the front of the house. Reminded of its charms daily, he set about sourcing another for a museum project, but a tour of local garden centres drew a blank. After an appeal, rose lover, Jim Skipper, kindly donated one he sourced in South Mississippi. 

It set me wondering why more suppliers are not stocking this easy-care variety.  Continue reading “Rosa Caldwell Pink Repeats and Can Be Grown Organically. What’s The Catch?”

Droopy Roses: The Ones That Nod

Rosa 'The Generous Gardener'

Most articles online about drooping roses are geared towards fixing a problem. Cures suggested for a drooping rose include:

  • Watering it more (assuming the rose is wilting)
  • Watering it less (assuming its roots are staying wet and rotting)
  • Feeding it (assuming the plant is lacking some elements)
  • Feeding it less (assuming persistent elements have built up too much in the soil, or that the canes are outgrowing their strength)
  • Staking, growing against an obelisk or training as a climber in the case of vigorous roses
  • Hard pruning
  • Diagnosing it with one of several rose diseases, then treating the problem
  • Leaving it be (assuming that the canes will strengthen enough to support heavier flowers from the third year on).

It’s not hard to see how gardeners might get confused. Continue reading “Droopy Roses: The Ones That Nod”