Privacy and Cookies

This site is covered by Automattic’s current cookie policy and privacy policy (Automatic are the owners of WordPress, which hosts this website).

Almost every modern website you visit uses cookies and this site is no exception. Cookies are small bits of data, and are automatically placed on your computer when you visit this or any other any site. I don’t set any additional cookies myself. You can remove cookies any time you want by clearing them from your browser.

I don’t share any personal data, and adverts are not shown on my site. Of course, all comments I approve are publicly visible, so please bear that in mind when deciding what to write.

If you have heard about the recent European privacy law (GDPR) that has given rise to so many banners and warnings like this one, and would like to know what it involves, please check out the European Commission’s GDPR Infographic.

If you’d like to make a request relating to data protection – for example, if you’d like a comment you have left on to be deleted, please get in touch via the contact page.