One Perfect Rose

Perfect rose at a flower show arranged against foliage

The exquisite bud-within-a-flower form of this rose makes it a winner on the show bench. Labelled Rosa ‘Dr. John Dickman’, this flower only has a hint of the mauve colour I’ve seen in other pictures – perhaps that’s the effect of the light level in the marquee, or it may be that the flower will develop more pronounced mauve tones as it matures. It’s a miniflora rose, which means that the leaves and flowers are larger than a miniature rose but smaller than a floribunda. 

This precise little rose may not have the big-hearted, free-spirited, loveable ruffle of the English roses, or the powerful scent that several of you ask me about, but it’s hard not to admire its neatness and the care with which it was presented.

Taken at Lancashire’s Chorley Flower Show earlier this year and shared as part of Cee’s Flower Of The Day.

32 thoughts on “One Perfect Rose

  1. Pat says:

    Wow – it is neat and tidy. I think I would have really loved it when I was younger and preferred buds over fully opened roses. Now I like the “big-hearted, free-spirited” roses, maybe even with a blemish or two. Oh, maybe that is what I have become. 🙂

  2. Ali says:

    I’ve realised that what I don’t like about Hybrid Teas (and this floribunda) is the way the outer petals reflex to get two points. They look hexagonal and sharp. I have to admire this perfect specimen, but I do prefer a soft English or old rose.

    • susurrus says:

      I’m more open to variety in roses than I used to be, although part of that is knowing the likely response of some of my followers. I seem to hear them whisper in my ear as I write.

  3. Oddment says:

    Yes, that’s it exactly: a bud within a flower! “Precise” is such a good word for it. It is the best of both worlds, both bud and bloom. I do understand the allure of the “loveable ruffled” roses, but the small and tidy have their place too. It’s a beauty!

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