Roses Laced With Morning Dew

Rosa 'Scepter'd Isle' with morning dew

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to get me up with the dawn when I don’t have to, it’s the chance to photograph roses at the peak of bloom in soft morning light.  

Rosa 'Scepter'd Isle'

Some mornings the petals are covered in dew, giving a classic photo opportunity. This particular morning, as Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’ was looking particularly fresh and radiant, I made the most of my good fortune by taking portrait, landscape and square formats.

Scepter'd Isle roses

The portrait format with its focus on one bloom seems to work best, but the other shots each have their own character, so for once, I thought I’d share them all.

Prompted by this week’s photo challenge: morning.

41 thoughts on “Roses Laced With Morning Dew

    • susurrus says:

      You’re right – the water seems to come out of nowhere. It always amazes me how even the dew is and how it seems to be arranged from small droplets to even smaller ones.


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