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  1. Lovely Autumn colours. We always think of yellow, golds, oranges and reds when we think of this time of year – I’m always surprised at the number of rich crimsons and pinks mixed in.

    1. I sometimes collect a wide selection and place them on the floor but it’s hard to better the patterns of leaves that have fallen naturally.

  2. I am normally pretty good about identifying maples within our region. Yours are not so easy, perhaps because they are in a different climate. The upper left seems to be a red maple of some sort. Upper right seems to be a sugar maple, or the related rock maples that is native to your region. Lower left looks like Heavenly bamboo, which is obviously not a maple. Lower right seems to be a Fremanii maple, which I am not familiar with. It is a hybrid that might be classified as a cultivar of red maple.

    1. It does seem to be an odd one out competition, now you mention it. I was mainly thinking about Autumn eye candy, balancing and contrasting the colours of the leaves and and pairing the blue sky with the decking. These were all taken in Mississippi last Fall, rather than in England.

    2. Now I think of it, the top left was taken this year in Caton, Lancashire. I often find myself a year behind in sharing seasonal pictures as it takes a little time to get around to it, but I was quick off the mark with that one.

  3. Isn’t it wonderful? It happens every year, and yet it astounds! Looks as though that blackcurrant color snuck into that upper left-hand corner, rightly a part of this endless palette. Beautiful!

    1. Blackcurrant really ought to be in the rainbow. It’d be a whole lot easier than trying to decide what is indigo and what violet. Where do we go to propose it, I wonder?

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