Pink Primrose

Pink primrose

I was struck by the way this hybrid primrose gradually changes from almost the standard pale yellow to pink, the flowers becoming darker as they age. Each petal is heart-shaped with a bright yellow splash, which put together, forms a starry centre.

Looking more closely at the flowers, it was surprised that some have five petals, others six and a few seem to have seven(ish). I suppose it is possible that this is actually a small clump of seedlings giving the appearance of one plant. It’s along one of my walks so I’ll have to go back and see if I can get any more clues next time I am passing.

Shared for Becky’s BrightSquares, HeyJude’s Life in Colour and Cee’s Flower of The Day. How could I pick just one to support with so many excellent challenges running, when the picture fits them all?

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  1. Is it a hybrid? There is a natural pink one, grows all over Cornwall along with the pale yellow as well as white ones. I do prefer the natural ones, though was tempted into buying a bright orange primula the other week! BTW you should have saved this for Monday – April 19th is ‘Primrose day’ 🌸

    1. Oops! Well thanks for the tip. I have some more, though not pink ones. I didn’t feel I should claim it as a wild one as it was in a garden with some other brighter hybrids. It looks very natural though so you could well be right.

  2. What a delicate and lovely colours, almost transparent!!! Thank you, Susan, for sharing all this beauty!

  3. This is Such a beautiful Primrose – normally the pink ones either seem to shriek an unnaturally bright pink, or are musty pale, as though very faded! This one is just absolutely beautiful! 🙂

  4. Three challenges met in one photo? Surely that’s a record! It looks to me that this little flower is very proud of what it can do and was hoping you’d take a picture.

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