A Hydrangea Colourfully Rings The Changes

Hydrangea 17th June opening from green to pink/blue
Hydrangea 17th June

Recently one of my blogging buddies, Laurie Graves, mentioned that she’d be interested to see how a hydrangea might change colour as it aged. I didn’t have the sequence of the flower she admired, but was inspired to share this instead.

A little context first: to get to our favourite pie shop, my sweetheart and I have to pass this hydrangea. You might not notice how floriferous it is from my first shot, because the flowers blend into the foliage by starting off green, then open to dusky shades of pink/purple/blue. Your guess is as good as mine whether the flowers open blue or pink, and how they change as they mature. Each flower seems to have its own trajectory. Continue reading “A Hydrangea Colourfully Rings The Changes”

Pink Hollyhock-style Flowers on a Shrubby Plant

Malva × clementii 'Rosea'

I wanted to title my post the botanical name for this spectacular plant, which is widely grown locally, but have abandoned my efforts after some research. An explanation would run into several hundred words, would clarify little to nothing and be tedious, so I’ve spared you that. The folk name, tree mallow, is used for several species too. Continue reading “Pink Hollyhock-style Flowers on a Shrubby Plant”