BrightSquare: Garden

Garden with bright flowers and foliage

When I first saw this garden at one of our flower shows, unusually for me, I thought it was too colourful.

Now, barely two weeks into Becky’s month of BrightSquares, I’m starting to question if it is all that bright. It seems my perspective is being stretched, perhaps to the point of no return.

Already yesterday I had been wondering where this is all going to lead. Are we going to blow out all our brights in one great, glorious goosh then find ourself left with only drabs and dulls? Only time will tell.


33 Replies to “BrightSquare: Garden”

  1. It seems a bit too busy/cluttered for me. Like any good work of art there should be a place for the eye to rest and I don’t find that here.

  2. Keep the bright going somewhere in the garden – gives something to lift the spirits when you need it!

  3. Doesn’t look too bright to me! Maybe the photo caught the colors in different way than your eyes did. Frequently happens to me when I take pictures.

    1. It seemed very bright when I was there and I think I probably looked for a quieter angle. But you’re right about the camera. It does its best, poor thing!

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