BrightSquare: Garden

Garden with bright flowers and foliage

When I first saw this garden at one of our flower shows, unusually for me, I thought it was too colourful.

Now, barely two weeks into Becky’s month of BrightSquares, I’m starting to question if it is all that bright. It seems my perspective is being stretched, perhaps to the point of no return.

Already yesterday I had been wondering where this is all going to lead. Are we going to blow out all our brights in one great, glorious goosh then find ourself left with only drabs and dulls? Only time will tell.


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  1. “One great, glorious goosh”! Oh, yes: go for it! But left with drab and dull? Not a chance! Meanwhile, what is that thing in the upper left-hand corner? It looks to be brown and white and wavy. A sculpture of some sort?

    1. It’s a leaf. One of those architectural ones. There was a bit of everything in here. I’m sure the designer would be delighted that you interpreted it as sculpture.

      1. A leaf?! Wow. I could not have guessed — thanks! This would not be a place I’d relax in, but I’d love to be busy in it!

  2. oh my, what colour – not sure if I’d want it or not but certainly bright. I am sure we will keep finding bright – the more you look the more you see!

    1. I was only teasing with the dulls and drabs… certainly wouldn’t want a month of them though, especially not after winter.

  3. There is certainly a lot going on here. Sometimes less is more? But it is definitely bright and the Verbena bonariensis is lovely, I think I have lost mine and although I keep looking I can’t see any sign of seedlings.

  4. My overall reaction is that this isn’t colorful at all, but of course I’ve been wandering among the bluebonnets and such, so that probably has affected my vision. What I most dislike about this setting is its artificiality. The juxtaposition of pitcher plants (center, bottom) with flowers they’d never appear with just bothers me. Personal preference, no doubt, but it still seems odd.

    1. You’re highlighting some of the things that troubled me. Trying to do too much in a relatively small space too and actively clashing foliage which can work but doesn’t always. I seem to remember it being award winning, so obviously I was in the minority.

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