BrightSquare: Mixing Tulips

Mixing colours of tulips: purple, orange and yellow

This bold, bright planting of tulips mades me think of how gardeners often paint with flowers. Just three varieties have been chosen for this colour palette in dark, mid and light tones for contrast.

The maroon tulips are tall, the orange ones are shorter, and the creamy yellow ones are shorter still, creating a colour block effect at the bottom. Above that is a radiant heart with the darker blooms seeming to float over the whole.

My sweetheart says that tulips are short-lived in his part of the world, but in Northern England, fussed over by Royal Horticultural Society gardeners, most of these will be back, year after year. Most likely they’re flowering about now in a bold new combination. For after all, there’s no right and wrong when it comes to mixing flowers, no matter what anyone tells you. Planting bulbs is all about trying things out, finding what pleases you and having a little fun in the process.

Even if the tulips had been one shot wonders, they still gave visitors to Harlow Carr good reason to smile as long as they lasted.

37 Replies to “BrightSquare: Mixing Tulips”

  1. I happen to be very proficient with horticulture. However, selection of color is not a horticultural task. I almost always get someone else to do it. I know that white is my favorite color, but it is not such a useful color. We rarely use it at work.

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