Azaleas In Flower

Orange azalea in flower at the edge of woodland
Dorothy Clive’s woodland garden in spring

My sweetheart calls Azaleas ‘party girls’, because they burst into flower, divert our attention from everything around them, drop their flowers and then leave things looking a bit boring. His words, not mine! But while they last…

Orange and yellow azaleas flowering at Bodnant
Orange and yellow azaleas at Bodnant Garden, Wales

The first picture is part of my pictures for dreaming series.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day. Her choice for today is bright orange too!

37 Replies to “Azaleas In Flower”

      1. Maybe you can work on your dance moves and parody writing skills while locked down. I can see that coming up with wall of mirrors might be a challenge for you.

    1. The wild ones I’ve seen in the South are more spindly – graceful, but not as big as these ones. Either the ones we have here have been selected out or they love our climate.

    1. I never used to like them when I was younger. Their colours seemed a bit gaudy. As I’ve grown older, and fallen under my sweetheart’s influence, quite a few gardening things that seemed dodgy to me have become more like objects of desire. That either makes him a bad influence or a liberating one.

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