Azaleas In Flower

Orange azalea in flower at the edge of woodland
Dorothy Clive’s woodland garden in spring

My sweetheart calls Azaleas ‘party girls’, because they burst into flower, divert our attention from everything around them, drop their flowers and then leave things looking a bit boring. His words, not mine! But while they last…

Orange and yellow azaleas flowering at Bodnant
Orange and yellow azaleas at Bodnant Garden, Wales

The first picture is part of my pictures for dreaming series.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day. Her choice for today is bright orange too!

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  1. The path fascinates me. It evokes the dreaming because of its invitation and its mystery, and it implies order (to me), but the second photo, with its booming chaos of color, where one hardly knows where to look, is more what my dreams are like. All a-jumble and a-tumble. I need to spend more time with paths. Those azaleas do know how to party.

    1. A path like this one rightly ends in a question mark. I don’t dream of gardens half enough – or if I do, I don’t remember those ones.

  2. When we grew these years ago, they were surprisingly unpopular, which was weird, because the were better suited to the climate than the other azaleas and rhododendrons that we grew. It is something that I always wanted to see more of.

    1. They perhaps suffer because people see azaleas growing wild and set a lower value on them (assuming they do grow wild where you are). I’ve never seen these colours of azaleas growing wild here, although we have loads of pink rhododendrons.

      1. Western azalea is native nearby, but is very rare. They are actually difficult to find to get cuttings from. They do not look like they do in cultivation. Those that we grew were more compact cultivars that bloomed more prolifically. Two colleagues collected cuttings from the wild to grow into stock plants for breeding with cultivars from farther North on the Olympic Peninsula. On rare occasion, a clients wants the wild species for native landscapes.

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