Flower Fantasia

Bright tulips with white daffodils and blossom
A layer cake of flowers: tulips, daffodils and blossom

You might claim this is just on the edge of too much – too bright, too packed, too flowery, if there is such a thing.

It’s the latest in my series of pictures for dreaming. You may need to rein in your imaginations to prevent your senses overloading, especially if you were thinking of adding in bees hovering and humming and birds flying overhead.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day and Terri’s Sunday Stills, The Power of Fantastic Flowers. I’d already done my post for today, but when I saw Cee’s entry on her second blog, I had to join in. Hers is a fantasia – even more so if you can imagine that – and has a lovely message too.

Taken at RHS Harlow Carr last year.

39 Replies to “Flower Fantasia”

    1. These are from last year. Harlow Carr is out of bounds from where I live at the moment, but at least I have my memories.

  1. Yes, I would say that it is too much; but that is what makes everyone else’s gardens so dreamy. They would be boring if they conformed to my starkly simple and utilitarian taste, especially since white is my favorite color. (When I lived in town, the neighbors told me what to grow out front.)

      1. Well, they have much better taste than I do. I am not at all proficient with landscape design or putting the right colors together.

    1. I have seen public gardens at different times of the year where a few more flowers would not have come amiss, but I had no grounds for complaints here.

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