Underneath The Arches

Garden path running beneath plants on arches

I’m offering another picture for dreaming – the view looking down a path framed with garden arches at Chatsworth House. We visited the garden for the first time last year on the same day as the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show.

Too tempting to miss, we thought, as we could see how splendid it all looked on the hillside across from the showground. So was that a good idea? Yes, I do recommend a visit but no, not on the same day as a flower show, not unless you have lots of stamina and are willing to feel slightly haunted that you missed something by running around too fast then being (courteously) ushered out by the gardeners.

It does seem ironic to write this when we can’t go anywhere, and a thirty minute stroll there would be heavenly, but you know what I mean.

If seeing my highlights from the Chatsworth Flower Show might lift your day, you can choose from 2019 and 2018.

Sadly, there will be no 2020 show, but at least some horticulture related businesses are booming. I was amazed this morning to see that Sutton’s Seeds has a waiting list to get on to their website – 3,532 people ahead of me. I hope all those seeds are going to get planted!

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  1. Gosh. The Sutton’s Seeds tale is astonishing. I was going to give my herb garden a makeover, and our lovely little independent garden centre shooed me away when I went to buy, and asked me to come back in a fortnight. Then lock down came … I doubt if it can survive this.

    1. It’s tragic to see all the plants going to waste – and cut flowers at Aalsmeer too. I hope they will manage to keep going, and our local one too. Our pie shop is closed. Is your new bakery still able to open?

    1. They are still queueing now. I’m kind of glad people are wanting seeds. I just wonder how many surplus ones they will have had. Presumably everyone wants the same ones – veggies and herbs.

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