Fun Foto Challenge: Blue And Yellow

Blue forget-me-not flowers with yellow eyes


Painting of blue with blue back and yellow belly

Bird by street artist Smug

Blue sky, stone balustrade and daffodils

Daffodils in flower at Harlow Carr Garden

Blue and yellow flowers growing amongst grass

Meadow with blue and yellow flowers at Trentham Gardens

As lagniappe, in keeping with the fun spirit of the challenge, cheating on the colour a little  (though kindly people might concede that some of those mother-in-law tongues are on the creamy side and that turquoise is a yellow shade of blue):

Mongrel dog looks mournfully out of a window

Photo of a dog looking out of a car window seen through a window in New Orleans

This dog’s face expresses how I am feeling, as I wait for our elected representatives to come up with a sensible way forward at this historic time… sooner rather than later would suit me.

Shared for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Blue and Yellow

For more pictures from the same mural by Smug, check out my Ingram Street post or if pictures of a wintry garden seem more appropriate at this time, take a look at my post about RHS Harlow Carr Garden in winter.

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