45 Replies to “River of Echinaceas at Bressingham”

        1. 2018 was one of the hottest and driest on record for us too. The roses seemed to enjoy it (established ones at least) but our wildflowers and many other garden flowers suffered. I saw some sorrowful looking hydrangeas this year.

  1. What a lovely autumn garden. The wild crocosmia have been very poor this year, the ones in my courtyard which were turned to mush with the snow haven’t flowered at all and now the leaves are going brown already 😦

    1. The wild flowers have really been affected by the drought this year. It wouldn’t take too many summers like this one to alter the balance of our countryside. It would be ironic if the Himalayan balsam we’ve been urged to pull up on our walks one day became a rarity. It’s hard to see that far into the future but I dare say when that day comes, it won’t be the balsam we’ll be lamenting.

    1. They are crocosmia, also known as montbretia. They have a tendency to spread, so provide plenty of bang per buck (am I using that term correctly?), assuming you have lots of space.

      1. Rats. I don’t have lots of space. But thanks for the I.D. Sometimes the fun of small space is tricking the eye, yes? As to “bang per buck,” I think you’ve given it an interesting twist. It usually refers to what you get for what you pay. Very much a part of gardeners’ philosophy.

    1. Thanks David. I loved the colours too. I wish the flowers had been a little more in focus but the weird thing about waiting for a cloud is that when it comes, the wind often seems to pick up. Perhaps that’s just in my imagination!

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