Tuesday Ragtag Prompt: Energy

Margaret has set an interesting RagTag challenge, asking us to convey energy through a still picture. Here are my offerings:

Elvis, dancing alone, with one hand held high

Elvis, faded into a wall in Clarksdale, MS, in a pose that delights in the energy he had in his prime: energy the established order saw as a threat. Layers of lines and textures interested me almost as much as the subject.

Female hood ornament with graceful posture

Curves rule in this hood ornament that has the energy of a skater, seemingly in motion, even when fixed to a parked car. Flowing lines and an energetic posture reflect the smooth power of the machine, although on a yazoo clay road in Jackson, MS, perhaps not! 

Rocking chairs on a wooden porch outside a tin shack

After a little raciness, we should perhaps steady ourselves. These chairs are designed to maximise any hint of energy on a hot day: to catch a draft, or to lull.

A stone post, cracked in two, tied together with barbed wire

Finally, some force has split a stone post in two. Human energy has stepped in to fix it, or to play with an idea. It’s on Lancashire farmland, a little off the beaten track, though there are few parts of the Lancashire countryside that are not regularly roamed.

It’s something you can easily hamper with words – joined up words, at least – but it sets me off thinking about connection, competing and balancing power, love, and the passage of time.

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  1. The competition for most formidable would seem to lie between Elvis and the split stone, but my version of energy these days lies in the rockers. I am drawn to the variations of energy — the electrical outlet and wires near Elvis, along with that tired-looking door, the swing behind the rockers, and, yes, there is almost an emotional energy in that barbed wire. What a fascinating theme! Thanks!

    1. There’s almost too much going on in the Elvis one, but it seemed to carry the mood of the place better than a crop looking directly at the design would have done.

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