45 Replies to “River of Echinaceas at Bressingham”

    1. The garden was based around cultivars the breeder (Blooms of Bressingham) has introduced and popularised which had an interesting effect on its rhythms.

    1. I kept this one back because I didn’t feel I’d done it justice, but a year later, the broad expanse of planting and the colour combinations seemed to shine through.

    1. I love to see your flowers in our winter, but have to say I feel a small shiver when your spring flowers start to appear. Although Autumn is probably my favourite season, I don’t ever wish it would hurry along – I’d like the long summer nights and the summer flowers to be with us for longer.

  1. Beautiful! It IS like a river, with the undulating flow. They are one of my favorite flowers.

    My mom just gave me a pot of orange and red ones!! I had no idea they came in any other color. I hope the goldfinch love these, too.

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