Two Hellebores At Ness Botanic Gardens

Velvety hellebore hybrid with a blurred sea of snowdrops

The first shot is a variation on a theme. You may remember the purple hellebore bowing its head in homage to snowdrops towards the end of my recent post about snowdrops. This flower was nearby. I bent down, half automatically, and turned the flower up to take a look inside. The darker spotting on a rich, purple background created an effect somewhere between velvet and silk. Very regal. It may be just my imagination, but in this shot, it’s the snowdrops that seem to be paying homage, like fans at a concert. 

Close up of a double flowered hellebore

The second is quite a contrast, but equally elegant – a classic, creamy-white double hellebore. I like the ruffled effect created by the petals and the pattern of raspberry coloured spots in the centre. The odd wayward speckle is the cherry on the cake.

If you know of places where interesting collections of hellebores can be seen growing in UK gardens, please let me know. I’d love to add them to my to-visit list. 

34 Replies to “Two Hellebores At Ness Botanic Gardens”

  1. Nice job with the second flower capturing the details in the petals and not blowing the highlights. Very difficult with an all white subject.

  2. Beautiful photos. I love hellibores and have many in my garden. Sadly the cold and snow have hit them hard but they are fighting back hopefully for a late show.

    1. Fingers crossed! Mine were looking pitiful last week, but I noticed yesterday they had perked up. Today they are covered in snow again!

      1. Oh yes! I had GREEN hydrangeas and lavender roses for my bouquet when Arn and I renewed out wedding vows for our 35th anniversary. It was so beautiful.

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