Leaves And Branches

Taking pictures of tree canopies is not that easy with an iPhone, but blue sky, branches and tree leaves have a magnetic effect on my attention, so I keep on trying.

And I’m happy with this one. I have no idea where it was taken. Though I could hunt through my files and find out, it really doesn’t matter. It’s not about the place, but the feeling. For me, this tree neatly wraps up natural beauty, abstract pattern and an emotional experience all in one. It’s uplifting. It rewards the eye that lingers and traces out a few of the branches. 

It’s a counterpoint to the shot of Roddlesworth and Tockholes and a contrast: summer, not winter; midday not early evening; colourful not monochrome; warm not cold… you get my drift.

Shared for the Daily Prompt: Branch. I imagine this one will have flushed out a good number of nature lovers. You might like to join in, or at least take a quick look.

19 Replies to “Leaves And Branches”

  1. There are not many plants (that grow here at least) that I can not identify. However, I can not tell what this is. I might be able to if I could see the foliage up close.

  2. Given that I just looked out the window into the pre-dawn light and saw snow on the young tulips, I am particularly grateful for this image. The light on and through and over the leaves is most therapeutic. Thanks!

    1. Have you been affected by the latest snowstorm? It sounds like a bad one. I was surprised to find it snowing here again this morning.

      1. Yes, we’ve felt this latest storm (it is snowing again right now) but it’s nowhere near as serious as the Nor’easter on the east coast. Central Indiana is cold, snowy and ugly, but nothing unusual for an Indiana March.

  3. Tree branches against the sky are beautiful no matter the season. Your leafy image is not exception.

  4. I have ea fondness for looking at the sky through leaves,s too. Couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve lain on the ground and done that same kind of shot, 😀

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