A Rainbow of Flowers

Red flowers with a lacy white edge

Round, orange flower

Iris with yellow outer petals and pale yellow inner petals

Green and yellow flowers


Blue cornflowers

Purple flowers

Every now and again, the urge to make a rainbow of flowers attacks me and resistance is futile. I can delay a day or two, argue to myself that I’ve already done this, but eventually a new rainbow has to be posted. You can see my previous flower rainbow posts here and here.

Needless to say, my floral rainbows would not pass muster if reviewed by a colour scientist. Perhaps the title ought to be ‘A Flower Rainbow-ish’. Or ‘Seven Flowers, a Bit Rainbow-ishy’.

The blue-indigo-violet stage always perplexes me and consulting the internet tends not to help. Would a yellow rose provide a purer shade of yellow? Most likely, but I’ve been wanting an excuse to post this pretty little two-tone yellow iris. Same goes for the forget-me-not.

But here you have it. Not the most accurate colour representation, but surely any rainbow of flowers helps get the week off to a cheery start?

The flowers are:
Red (and white): Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus)
Orange: Dahlia
Yellow: Iris
Green: Hacquetia epipactis (the green bits are technically bracts)
Blue: Forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica)
Indigo: Cornflowers or Bachelor’s Buttons (Centaurea cyanus)
Violet: Lobelia x speciosa ‘Hadspen Purple’

49 Replies to “A Rainbow of Flowers”

  1. Omg…these are beautiful. I have seen flowers of these colours many times but this is the first time I am seeing a green flower. Wow!!! 🙂

  2. That’s a lobelia?? I’d never have known. And that iris is a wonder! I’m glad you couldn’t fight off this impulse, and I think you should give into it as often as it hits. Who can resist any combination of rainbow and flowers? It’s lovely!

  3. Wonderful. I like the Hacquetia epipactis, which I’ve never seen before, but now read that it appears in January and is great with snowdrops etc. Sounds v. useful.

    1. It’s always nice to see flowers shared by people in places like Australia for that reason, isn’t it – although I always feel a little shocked to see their first spring flowers appearing, because it’s a sure sign ours will start to wind down.

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