Serene: Path Framed By Rambling Roses

Rambling roses trained against pillars

My idea of serene… Rosa ‘Phyllis Bide’ grows on a simple framework of pillars and crossbeams on both sides of a path to The Gallery tea room at David Austin Roses in Wolverhampton, England. It’s just one of many climbers and ramblers showcased along the pathway, but I always used to take a moment to linger beside this pretty rambling rose, and I’m sure you can see why. 

Together, the roses create a lovely, peaceful walk with a view. If you arrive here on the garden’s busiest day for lunch in the height of summer, serene may not be your first thought, but later in the day, the garden falls not silent, but quiet, with a still serenity.

Sharing this reminds me why I chose susurrus as my screen name when first starting to blog (read about that here).

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  1. I think when I first found your blog I told you that “susurrus” was one of my favorite words, and that’s why I had to find out more about your blog. So of course today I had to click on the link to see your first post. And now I’m trying to imagine the wonder of that rose sigh. I like the thought that each blog post is a kind of whisper, heard or not. And thanks for the serenity — that photo is quite the sedative!

    1. The mix of colours – cream, blush pink and apricot – makes it very photogenic. I do like ramblers in general, but they can be so huge that by the time you get most of them in the frame, the flowers seem rather insignificant.

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