Transformation From Rosebud to Bloom (Plus Photobombing Gnome)

A rose in different stages with a gnome

A gnome has photobombed my picture that was supposed to show the transformation of a rose from bud to bloom.

Before the gnome arrived, the roses looked underwhelming, despite my best efforts. The shrub is shapely, and covered in a mass of blooms, but each rose is a dainty size, even when fully open.  

I tried again, several times, finally balancing them on a handy gap in a tower of old, cracked green painted tyres to turn the roses to face the camera. Finally, feeling a little guilty for plucking them before their prime, I recut the tiny stems and left them floating in water to keep them fresh for as long as possible. After all, they are Drift Roses. I didn’t take a picture of the rose flotilla.

Five stages of a rose opening

Wishing a very happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow to those of you who celebrate it and safe travels to everyone who is on the road or in the air, journeying home. 

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    1. Thanks, Laurie. Having picked the flowers, I felt obliged to keep on going, putting them in different places until I got a decent shot.

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