Air Potato Vine Leaves

Green leaves against a blue sky

The air potato vine (Dioscorea bulbifera) is a vigorous plant that can be hard to shift from the garden once it takes over. While it may become a menace, the veined, heart shaped leaves are very decorative backlit against a blue sky. This plant was tumbling over a bottle tree in Jackson, Mississippi.

6 Replies to “Air Potato Vine Leaves”

  1. We’re having a bad case of the dismals here in Indiana, so these bright greens are a joy to see. I love the contrast of glass and leaf. Thanks!

    1. I think this appealed to me because I’m used to living in a place where skies just aren’t this blue, the sun rarely so powerful in November, and heart-shaped vine leaves are harder to come by. I took a picture of a little anole silhouetted against the sun on one of the leaves too.

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