Sense of Place: Dusk Falls Over Moorland

Moorland as night falls, with two trees

I’m sharing two pictures, taken in and around Darwen moors, Lancashire. I’ve been walking over moorland for longer than I can remember, so these places have a comfortable familiarity, even at dusk.

Both of these iPhone pictures were taken during evening walks, designed around a visit to one of the local pubs – a very British tradition. The top picture shows a view on our way back from The Strawberry Duck in Entwistle; the bottom, a reservoir on our ‘Pie Walk’ to The Royal Arms, Tockholes.

Reservoir at night

To sense the atmosphere these pictures hold for me, imagine there is nothing more dangerous than sheep or rabbits in the shadows. Imagine you’ve rambled these paths over the moors all of your life. Anticipate bright lights and a cheery welcome up Donkey Brew, over the hill and around a few more bends in the path carved out by thousands of footsteps, most likely over thousands of years. Conjure up the familiar scent of something warm and savoury to eat, followed by a refreshing sip (or draught) of your favourite drink.

Finally, to round out the picture, I can’t resist adding a link to a springtime shot of English bluebells, taken on the road to the reservoir.

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