Fused Glass Art: Dream Disks You Can Hang In The Trees

Blue glass disk hanging from a tree

These oversized tree earrings (well, what would you call them?) are a wonderful way to capture and reflect light in a shady area. We found them just hanging around at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens during last year’s Art In The Garden Exhibition. 

Glass dream disk catches the light

The 2017 exhibition is already open and goes on until 15th October 2017. If last year is any guide, there will be a broad range of exhibits, set in beautiful display gardens, offering lots of interest for gardeners and garden art lovers.

Hanging dream disks by CStar Glass

Often garden art is accompanied by a truly wince-inducing price tag (by my standards at least), so it was nice to see these for sale at an affordable price. Next time you catch yourself pulling out your jewellery to go to a fancy function, spare a thought for your trees. They like to be pretty too!

Green glass disk

The discreet emerald one vied with the blue to be my favourite, though they seemed to look best in a small group of mixed colours. If you only have the room (or money) for one, you might like to go for the former. It has most likely had to go through a lot to get where it is – as Kermit says, it’s not easy being green.

Dream Disks are part of the Tutti Fruity collection, available direct from the artists, CStar Designs.

24 Replies to “Fused Glass Art: Dream Disks You Can Hang In The Trees”

  1. Love them, Susan. I think I would go with the emerald green also. Camouflaged in the leaves, yet reflecting lights beauty. ❤

    1. We recently met someone who wanted to grow plants with very colourful flowers in the shade and were struggling to think what to suggest – these would be perfect!

    1. You might have a challenge getting them to stay still for long enough – they gently turn and sway – but I know you’d have an ingenious solution!

    1. The other colours were lovely too. I doubt I’d have noticed them if they’d all have been green – my eyesight isn’t the best!

  2. Very cool! We have a lot folks here who hang things from their trees. Eggs, hearts, whatever’s in season. But nothing as beautiful as these. Do you know how they make them, Susan?

    1. I love seeing the egg trees. I don’t know how they are made and was wondering that too, so I have dropped a note to the studio in the hope they will be kind enough to let us know.

        1. Of course, though I don’t expect they’ll reveal any trade secrets. The odd time I’ve seen glass items being made it has looked pretty scary, so I don’t think I’ll be giving it a go.

    2. Cathy of CStar Designs has replied: “We are exhibiting the tree earring….lol ! again this year in peacock colours and we have a very large piece there in a wooden plinth. They are fused glass pieces. Cold worked glass formed in the kiln using various techniques and then fired overnight on a tack fuse (about 760 degree C) to keep the texture.”

      1. Very interesting. I’d like to watch them do one. I read a book about glass blowing once and found it fascinating. Also watched some craftsmen do some up in Quebec City when we were there in ’95. Takes a really talented person to do that. Thanks for the note!

  3. Of course they are tree earrings. I am partial to the combination of the earring paired with the white paper bark. Stunning. That exhibition must be great fun!

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