Sorbus Eburnea Berries

Creamy white berries hanging in clusters

Sorbus eburnea is a multi-stemmed Rowan that dangles clusters of white fruits or berries on pinkish stems in late summer and autumn. Green foliage turns shades of yellow, orange or purple red before falling. It’s an attractive, slow growing shrub or small tree.

Foraging for food: adventures with blackberry yogurt


I recently had another of those ‘great’ ideas – you know, the ones that go ‘orribly wrong. On Friday, I was out walking when I spotted some wild blackberries. Like most local walkers, I often pick fruit from the hedgerows. The ripest ones are snapped up quickly, so when I reached for one of the biggest berries in a good sized cluster, I was not expecting much.  Continue reading “Foraging for food: adventures with blackberry yogurt”