15 Replies to “Sorbus Eburnea Berries”

  1. This is beautiful! I see more of that cassis color in this — it’s in the black of the twig, and in the stems and in the star on the berries and in the blurs in the background! I love the way that black branch twists around to spill out the berries. Of course the white is the perfect foil, right down to the bits of water. Or maybe the dark woodsy colors are the perfect foil for the white berries. Whatever. A lovely portrait.

  2. Your image of the white berries reminds me of my childhood. We would pick them and shoot them at each other in mock battles. I love the rain or dew drops on the berries. Well done, Susan!

    1. I wouldn’t have known what they were if they had not been labelled. Berries do look wonderful with dew or rain or frost or snow.

  3. These are fantastic. I have never heard of them, and with my crazy love of tasting everything that looks edible, I likely would have eaten them if I had seen them. Are they poison or do you know? They surely are beautiful!

    1. Random berry eating does sound rash! Sorbus is in the same family as roses, apples and pears (Rosaceae), which seems promising, but please consult someone with better knowledge than me before risking a nibble.

    1. Thanks Jude. I was delighted to see you’d been featured on Discover when I was browsing yesterday. I don’t check it out as often as I should or I’d have congratulated you earlier. Very much deserved and well done!

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