Weekly Photo Challenge: Crumble

Rhubarb Crumble with Ice Cream

This week, we’re invited to share something with a cherry on top: a real one or a metaphorical one. As my last post was of cherries, I’m going with a crumble. 

It was a rhubarb one, though you’ll have to take my word for that. With vanilla ice cream, berries, and a smear of berry sauce (sauce sounds so much tastier than coulis).

The cherry on top? That would be the pansy, though, as you can see, a couple of the rose petals had made a valiant attempt to claim that honour.

Edible flowers are a thoughtful touch but, to tell you the truth, I’m not wild about eating them. These ones were pretty but didn’t taste of much and their texture was… well, limp. You might think that would make an interesting contrast to all that crumbly crispness, but it’s a gentle reminder that not all contrasts are particularly instrumental.

But I distinctly remember the flowers adding an eager, mental ‘ooh!’ to the experience of seeing the dish arrive, which has got to be a good thing. After all, a pudding without an ‘ooh!’ isn’t really a pudding.

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  1. Great shot. Love the clarity in this one. This looks like such an attractively delicious dish. I hope it was….and you can never really go wrong with ice cream. As for edible flowers, they have never really amazed me taste-wise either. I had them with cake once and they tasted bland 😀

    1. We’ve been gathering wimberries on the Lancashire moors and have already made one crumble, with more berries frozen for later. I think that’s my absolute favourite.

  2. “Ooh,”is exactly what I thought when I saw this photo, and it was the flowers that prompted it. Now, I’m off to find ice cream, sans edible flowers. Great image!

  3. There used to be an Edwardian Tea Shoppe in town here that served stuff with flowers on it. I just couldn’t make myself eat them! Flowers are to look at and enjoy, not digest!

  4. I vote with those who say we eat with our eyes, so it really doesn’t matter if the flower goes in the mouth; there is something visually delectable about it. I love your observation that a pudding without an “ooh!” isn’t a pudding at all, and I would say that holds for many things besides puddings. Desserts and exclamation points were made for each other.

    1. That’s true. There’s probably more of a complex relationship between what food looks like and what it tastes like than we think. We are so suggestible.

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