Wisteria, Flowering Three Weeks Early in Mississippi

Wisteria in full bloom showing a panicle of pea-like flowers

Wisteria is grown as a decorative, highly fragrant vine in Mississippi, but also grows abundantly in the wild, many a time outlasting the home where it was planted.

After an unusually cold spell in late December in Mississippi when many plants were lost, including ‘every rosemary in the state’, to quote my sweetheart, the season has turned around so rapidly that many plants, including this one, are flowering well ahead of time.

I took pictures of the same wisteria in full bloom (but before the leaves had started to open) on the 5th April 2022. The picture I’m sharing today was taken on the 11th March 2023.

Plants can be forgiven for being unsure where they are, not having our recourse to the calendar, but I’m left wondering how many buds and young shoots will be cut back by the cold spell forecasted for this weekend. Traditionally known as ‘Blackberry Winter’, cold weather often follows shortly after the blackberries flower.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Please forgive me if I take (even) longer than usual to reply to comments. I’m posting this from a coffee shop as our internet is still down.

33 Replies to “Wisteria, Flowering Three Weeks Early in Mississippi”

  1. That’s a wonderful display of flowers! We have a similarly-coloured wisteria in our garden but it will be some time yet before it even thinks of flowering. (Wish it flowered as abundantly as this!)

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