Daffodils For Mum


It’s Mothering Sunday in the UK, so I’m sharing these flowers in celebration of Mum. I always associate daffodils with this day because, as children, we used to line up to receive a bunch of them to carry down the hill from church to present to our mothers. 

Last week, Mum retired from her Chair of Governors role for her local nursery (which has been classified as Outstanding), having carried out her responsibilities faithfully, well into her 80s. My sister and I are very proud of her.

I know she’ll be happy to share her virtual flowers with anyone else who loves them and especially with anyone who is missing their own mother today.

7 Replies to “Daffodils For Mum”

  1. Lovely. Our Mothers’ Day comes in May, and our traditional flowers were violets and lily of the valley. Different flowers, but the same sentiments to go with them.

  2. What a lovely gesture for your Mums. What’s not to love about daffodils? We used to bring Mum flowers though for some reason they always looked rather bedraggled by the time Mum received them, she appreciated the thought.

  3. I very rarely have cut flowers in the house but I always get some daffodils for Mother’s Day to remember my mum who I lost 18 years ago. Well done to your mum for carrying out her duties fro so long, I hope she had a lovely day 🙂

  4. A handful of daffodils! I cannot think of many flowers that are happier, and therefore so eloquent for a happy Mothering Sunday. I wish your mother a very happy day and many congratulations too!

  5. Hooray! Someone else who still calls the day Mothering Sunday! I hope your mum appreciated her daffodils, both real and virtual. Like Jo, it’s very many years since I had a mum to give flowers to.

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