Starry Hellebores and Winter Protection

Pink spotted hellebore

I loved how the speckled pink flowers of this hellebore looked like tumbling stars. By selecting the tumbling angle, and going in close, the image gives an impression of a thicker clump than it really was. In future years, it should be even more glorious.

Woman wrapped up in coat and bobble hat taking a picture of a hellebore

While hellebores don’t need winter protection in Northern England, humans do. I’m adding a picture of me photographing this patch of hellebores taken by my sweetheart so that you can get a better impression of the plants (and the added benefit of being able to recognise me if you happen to see us in a garden.  I’ll look much the same the rest of the year, just less snuggly.)

You want to see the flower I was paying such close attention to?

White hellebore with purple spotting in a star shape

Just as starry, in its own way.

I’m sharing these for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

36 Replies to “Starry Hellebores and Winter Protection”

    1. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one I didn’t like. You’re right that some are more handsome, but they all have something. It sounds as if it has been windy your way recently. I hope you and your local trees weathered the storm.

  1. They are such a lovely thing! I was saying to Jude that the white ones have appeared in our nearby garden centre but I don’t have much faith in their ability to thrive.

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