Flower of the Day: Echinacea

Echinacea with drooping petals

This group of four echinacea flowers (purple coneflowers), silky in the sun, caught my attention.

While the pink petals are wriggling upwards, the flowers appear to be a different species. Opening gappy and straw-like (as seen in the smallest flower, centre left) the petals broaden, lengthen, deepen in colour and droop back under the expanding centre of the flower. 

The final flower form reminds me of twisting something into a cotton handkerchief for safekeeping, long ago, but what could it have been?

I’m sharing this for Cee’s Flower of the Day


18 Replies to “Flower of the Day: Echinacea”

    1. The transformation of a flower fascinates me. I’ve been watching a pink shrub rose that shrivels and darkens in the middle before the edges fade. I can’t decide whether it is attractive or not, but it is certainly consistent.

  1. A tooth, of course! When a tooth fell out and you weren’t home, there was always Mom’s hankie to wrap it in! I never thought of the echinacea as silky, but it’s a good word for these. “Gappy” is good too.

    1. Probably a tooth at one time or another. I dare say ‘gappy’ brought to mind a smiling child with front teeth missing?

  2. I’ve seen these flowers in many gardens and love them but never knew what they are called. The one in the foreground reminds me of an octopus making its way up to the surface of the sea with its tentacles trailing behind.

    1. Your comment made me think I remembered a variety called ‘Pink Octopus’, but on searching, it’s a campanula!

  3. Of course the twisted handerchief contained coins: for the Sunday School offering, or the school fee, or the bread I was to bring home from the corner store. Pockets were undependable. What a wonderful image you’ve evoked!

    1. A twisted hanky was a wonderful thing in the days before a handbag was deemed essential. Coins, no doubt, but I also remember something that formed a rounded profile. Seeds perhaps, or pebbles or small sweets?

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