Erythronium ‘White Beauty’

Erythronium 'White Beauty'

Every part of this plant is decorative, although like many bulbs, it only ventures above ground for part of the year.

Erythronium ‘White Beauty’ is a selected form with creamy-white flowers. Yellow streaks and a red zig-zag pattern around the centre help pollinators get their bearings when zooming in. The petals reflex back like dainty lilies, giving rise to the folk name, fawn lily. A lighter ripple runs over the leaves creating a marbled pattern.

Experts suggest planting erythroniums in rich woodland soil that remains fairly moist in spring, but is not waterlogged in summer. While some types of bulb withstand handling well enough to survive part of the year in packs in warehouses, erythroniums do not like to be out of the soil, so should be sourced from a supplier you trust to understand their habits and be planted promptly on receipt.

While there are places around the world where erythroniums grow wild, seeing a clump of them in full flower in North West England was a treat.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

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  1. It’s a beautiful image, Susan. The leaves are as interesting as the flowers. Despite not being a gardener and being more attentive to our native plants than to gardens, I’ve come to really enjoy posts like this that expand my horizons a bit, and help me understand the needs of various plants.

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