Flowering Trees: Lilac

Lilac with double flowers

A few days ago I explained how I often struggle to choose between different shots of a particular plant. This is another case. The top shot is more evocative, or at least I seem to smell lilac when I see it, but the second shot shows the shape of the double flowers better.

Double lilac with darker flowers

Both are of a double lilac with darker flowers: the more usual form is single and paler, as below.


The two forms below are unusually pale, which gives them an antique character – not that lilac could ever seem anything other than timeless.

Pale lilac flower

Antique style lilac flowers

To conclude, another double, closer in colour to the common form. This lilac is doing its best to emulate the rainbow heart in the window.

Lilac and rainbow heart

Shared for Becky’s TreeSquare. While there is some argument about whether lilac is a shrub or a tree, I’m contending it can be either.

I’m also linking to Cee’s Flower of the Day in the knowledge that these friends are happy to share.

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  1. as everyone says gorgeous photos, I love lilacs.

    I think most are a tree as they have a singular trunk, but those that have multiple stems probably do need to be counted as a bush – but as it is #TreeSquare the only rule is square not tree!!!

    1. That’s good to know, although you might change your mind if we all started sharing ferrets, even if they were square!

  2. Love lilacs. We are fortunate to have a local spot with over 200 varieties of lilacs called Lilacland.. Unfortunately we could not visit for the last two years for obvious reasons but look forward to 2022.

  3. I love lilacs also, especially their fragrance! I think the first photo is better in terms of composition, but all of them are lovely!

    1. Some sights are so closely connected with our sense of smell. We’ve been picking wild wimberries – their smell is very haunting.

  4. I would say a small tree. All the photos are lovely, I like the first one as it has a sharper foreground flower and a softer one behind, the only thing I’d remove is that leaf. It and the last are beautiful colours.

    1. I’m not sure about the leaf. I might have removed it if it had not been someone else’s tree, but it is very lilacy in its way.

  5. Lovely images! We have some here but unfortunately the woodpigeons like to eat the leaves and leave the nicest one rather bare. Wish I knew how to discourage the pesky birds!

      1. It worries me with the lilac nearest the house because it’s only a few years old, so still getting established. The older one seems to cope OK – but it’s big and can spare some leaves!

  6. Lovely photos of lilacs. Brings back memories of my childhood as the garden was full of lilacs. I can almost smell them now.

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