No Moonshine On The Beach

Key West beach sign

I imagine many people would like the chance to see if they work best on Tennessee Williams’ favourite beach.

Key West garden

Those less keen to get sand in their toes and their paperwork (or laptop) might prefer to see if they work best in the relative seclusion of this Key West patio garden.

I offer these choices up as food for the imagination from underneath a cloudy Lancastrian sky.

Shared for HeyJude’s Life in Colour (she’s looking for the greener shades of blue this week) and for Becky’s TreeSquare – both pictures feature wooden objects as well as trees.

22 Replies to “No Moonshine On The Beach”

  1. I have only Williams’ word that he worked best there. I don’t see how anyone could work there unless he’s doing the work of the man in the photo — that’s my kind of work. I do love the color of that house — blue-green or green-blue? — but I couldn’t work there either: I blush to confess I’d be trying to see inside those wonderful windows opposite. What a place!

    1. We have to assume he had great familiarity with it and/or iron powers of concentration. I wouldn’t stand a prayer. Speaking of which, If I remember correctly, the windows that intrigue you belong to a church.

      1. I had to pause for a small groan, but after that was definitely intrigued. A church! What a personality in that little space!

  2. Beautiful beach, beautiful colors. But I agree with Oddment—not conducive to work. But, hey, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. 😉

    1. The beach would not work for me either, but I’ve never been one to spend long on a beach, especially not a very sunny one. Always happy to walk along a shoreline though!

  3. I’d be happy in that patio garden. And I have actually been on that beach – for a sunset that sadly didn’t happen.

    1. We didn’t have much of a sunset. I remember there being wild chickens on one part of the beach – that surprised me.

  4. Carl Sandburg’s house in North Carolina was built in a beautifully hilly area with gorgeous views off into the distance. Sandburg’s study–the room where he did all his writing–was windowless. He claimed the view would have been too distracting for him to write. I agree–the beach is for relaxing and having fun. Could Williams just have meant being in Key West in general?

  5. What wonderful images! Certainly provides food for the imagination. I could definately work there – but then I currently work in glass and clay, so the scenery would be as much an inspiration as it is a distraction! Thank you for sharing these!

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