Crocuses of Different Colours

Pale crocus
Crocuses are spirited little flowers, their small trumpets standing eager on impossibly frail tubes.

Lilac crocus

Orange or yellow stigmas and pollen-bearing anthers provide a fine contrast to the sheeny, iridescent petals.

Crocus with stripes

The purple petals of this more unusual specimen has a lightly veined effect.

Purple crocus in the bud
Crocuses in the bud

It’s always interesting to see crocuses just before the buds open when the flowers are protected by a pale covering, and it’s easier to make out the central white stripe on the strappy leaves.

Purple crocus among leaf litter

Once open, they are fugacious – their flimsy flowers are no match for winter gales and wind, so soon become raggedy and drop exhausted to the ground.

Purple crocuses growing at the foot of a tree

The flowers’ frailness makes them unlikely to be picked. Gathering the first one would prove a disaster.

Pinkish crocus

But were I a bee, out in winter sunshine, I know where I’d be heading.

Sunny crocuses

Shared as part of Cee’s Flower of The Day

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