18 Replies to “Life In Colour: Green Leaves”

  1. How wonderful to see all these greens! If ever there were a color for hope, green in March would be it, and not just for St. Patrick’s Day (though that is a worthy reason). I am particularly drawn to that bright woodland fern with the mysterious dark behind it, and to the shadows behind the iris leaves — on my computer, they have a blue cast and it’s a lovely invitation to look behind.

    1. The bluish leaves are yellow flag irises that grow wild in our moist climate. The fern is probably a type of ferny moss now I look more closely at it and the dark bits are leaves turned to chocolate by the winter. Only in metaphorical terms – the leaves would not last long otherwise along a public footpath.

    1. Good question! Only two of them were in gardens (the second was in Yorkshire and the third, Mississippi). The rest were growing wild in my home town. You’ve picked up why I took the pictures – to celebrate their combinations of textures and colours.

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