Snowy Plants and Places

Snow forms an extra layer on a variegated leaf

The first made me smile because the snow is adding an extra layer of variegation to the reddish and cream edges of these green leaves. 

Ice forms in a cascade of water

I had a little scramble to get down to the ice. The array of forms was quite a surprise. One bit reminded me of candles formed with two on a string; another of a bird’s nest. There were fingers of ice, ice horns, giant pearls and ice slugs. I dare not go closer as I didn’t fancy the idea of falling in and walking home with icicles forming in similar fashion on me.

Bergenia leaves in the snow

My final pictures were taken earlier in the winter. I doubt these bergenia leaves are looking as fresh now. I loved their blush, their powdery covering of snow and how perky they were.

One pink daisy in a snow-covered garden

In contrast, this flower had an I never expected it to be this way look that resonates at the moment.

Lancashire back yard with Mini and many garden accessories

But I’m leaving you with a glimpse inside a heavily accessorised, cobbled back yard. It’s interesting how the snow has made patterns here, as if wanting to join in with the fun.

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