Gallery of Yellow Flowers II

Cutting garden at Lindisfarne Island
Cutting garden at Lindisfarne

As the world outside is frosty, it’s great to have been prompted to share some more yellow flowers and bask for a while in their warm, cheerful shades. I’ve looked for different intensities of colours from soft, almost greyish to pure and bright and have included some rarities and commoners. For anyone in need of an extra fix, my first gallery is here.

Fennel flowers
Rosa 'The Pilgrim'
Rosa ‘The Pilgrim’
Daffodils with hellebores
Daffodils with hellebores
Iris aff. pseudocaucasica
Iris aff. pseudocaucasica
Yellow Cosmos
Yellow lupins
Yellow helenium
Buttercup meadow
Auricula 'April Moon'
Auricula ‘April Moon’
Dionysia aretioides 'Bevere'
Dionysia aretioides ‘Bevere’
Yellow Hamamelis above snowdrops
Hamamelis with snowdrops
Yellow rhododendron

Shared for HeyJude’s Life in Colour challenge: Yellow.

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