Lathyrus odoratus ‘Spencer Mix’

Lathyrus odoratus 'Spencer Mix' sweet peas

Lathyrus ‘Spencer Mix’ is sweet pea seed blend that includes white and dark flowers, and clear shades of pink, red, lilac and purple.

Sweet peas are sun lovers, but like their roots in cool, moist soil. They are usually grown for cutting: the more assiduously you pick the flowers, the more the plants will produce. 

We have to imagine the fragrance. 🙂

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

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      1. I saw the little rascal in the garden after seeing the damage. At first, I thought it was a chipmunk, there were so many this spring, but it turns out it was a bunny, which makes more sense, they love legumes.

    1. They could be a colour card, they work together so well. It’s nice when a mix really does bring the variety you hope for too. I am a bit disappointed in the Alaska Mix nasturtium seed I tried this year. There is not much variety and many didn’t come true.

  1. Lovely, lovely Spencer Mix and beautiful photo. I’m growing several of this variety this year. What a bundle they have given already and are still blooming (the first full week of August, no less). They started the first week of June (usual for Seattle) however, we had an extended cool season so they kept blooming past mid-July. The same with a neighbor’s garden. I also tried some Knee-highs this year. There are white blooms and some burgundy flowers which knocked me out.
    Sweet peas and roses are right up there nudging each other back and forth for my favorite flowers ever.

    1. Your enthusiastic comment might have seemed to have vanished but it was just held for approval. I always capture the first comments out of an abundance of caution.

      I’m glad your Spencers are so doing well. I love sweet peas and roses too, but I only have a small space and adore freshly picked garden peas, so they always would be my first choice.

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