Decorative Garden Trees: Flowering Dogwood

Dogwood flowering in a leafy glade
Pink dogwood flowering in a leafy glade

We often hear about plants with all-round interest. I’m not always convinced by that claim, but when it comes to dogwood (Cornus), I can see the point.

Kousa dogwood fruits are bright pink
Kousa dogwood fruits

I believe the first two pictures show the same plant growing at Gresgarth Garden in different seasons, but there are several varieties in the glade there, so I might be wrong. It’s a wonderful garden – the one with the pebble mosaic paths.

Dogwood with yellow and green leaves
Variegated dogwood

I haven’t noticed many dogwoods with variegated leaves, but I could hardly miss this one at York Gate near Leeds.

White dogwood with a green centre and pale pink edge

My last is patterned with dancing flowers, all of them held well above the foliage. The flowers are stylised and elegant, each petal ending in a pink-edged point. I quite like the crinkled green leaves too.

This one is part of the Cornus collection in the display gardens at Bridgemere Garden World.

I’m sharing these for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

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