Rosa ‘Princess Alexandra Of Kent’

Rosa 'Princess Alexandra Of Kent' covered in dew
A dewy Rosa ‘Princess Alexandra Of Kent’

An English Rose that pretty much has it all. The flowers are huge, fragrant, and very distinctive because of their deeply cupped flower form, although you can’t really appreciate the depth of the bloom from this angle. The colour is classic rose pink. It’s a shrubby type of rose, but fairly compact, with stems sturdy enough to bear the weight of the flowers.

‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’ roses are good for cutting, although like most roses bred for the garden, they have relatively short vase lives.

I found this bloom in a rose garden early one morning with a neat sprinkling of dew and have been saving it until it was needed. It’s needed now!

Shared as part of Cee’s Flower Of The Day. Part of my pictures for dreaming over series.

21 Replies to “Rosa ‘Princess Alexandra Of Kent’”

    1. Very full roses like this one are often mistaken for peonies, even by publications that really ought to know better. It does have a beautiful scent – tea, lemon and blackcurrants!

  1. You are so right about how it is needed right now! Thank you! Whether there can be degrees of perfection is a debate that hurts my head, but I do think that those buds make the full bloom more perfect. I also think that the whole of it looks sugared. I suppose I see what I want to see.

    1. These buds play a nice supporting role. I like the soft feathering on the one on the left. Of course, I know of your weakness for buds and confectionery.

    1. Dew never looks so unlikely as it does on a rose. Logically, I know it happens, but it is a new surprise every time I see it.

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