Abandoned, Rusty, Eye Candy

Ford logo on a rusty car
Ford logo with rust and textures

I sympathise if you don’t see this as eye candy. Well, kind of. I’m sharing these pictures for HeyJude’s Textures challenge, so if you don’t like rusty old cars, you can blame her.

This week’s prompt was:

Get close to your subject and capture just the texture itself, without the context. Then zoom out so that you capture both the context of the texture as well as the texture itself.

Abandoned Ford with vine
Abandoned Ford being gradually encroached

When I first assessed this set of pictures, I narrowed down the five I’d taken of the Ford to two. But when it came to sharing them, I thought it might be worth taking a quick look at all five, lightly processing them, cropping them and reducing their size.

Vine exploring an abandoned Ford
Vine exploring an old Ford

Now I find myself sharing the other three, the ones I’d initially rejected. It pays to keep an open mind when processing pictures, assuming you have time to experiment.

I’m adding a couple of other pictures taken the same afternoon in the Mississippi Delta. It’s tempting to go overboard, because it’s such a great place to enjoy texture, but I’ll keep it brief.

I added a filter to this one, to keep the focus on the sign (and because otherwise the colours were a touch blah):

Rail road crossing sign
Rail road crossing sign

My final shot is another rose – a good, romantic one with just the right touch of wildness. I could be wrong, but I got the impression it largely cared for itself. It is quite a contrast to the royal rose I shared yesterday, but I love them both.

Rose growing against a porch in the Mississippi Delta
Wild(ish) rose

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  1. Truth to tell, I like the rust-buckets more than the flowers, this time around. Once upon a time there was an old Ford pickup that was part of my life. It wasn’t quite so — attractive — and the battery had to be disconnected so it wouldn’t drain itself when the truck sat for a few weeks, but it had old fashioned wing vent windows — perfect for the country!

    1. Those were the days! I’m glad to have made you feel all nostalgic. My sweetheart has a fairly old pickup, so I know what you mean by the vent windows. I was going to make an observation about its battery, but decided not to as I didn’t want to tempt fate!

  2. I love this kind of stuff… the colors are so awesome. I love paint peeling off old sheds and houses too. The color and texture combos are perfect.

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