Felt Art With Funny Expressions

Felt bug with cute expression and polka dot body
Hurray for one Mississippian bug that doesn’t want to bite me!

Brown glove puppet with feathery head
Glove puppet
Frog, birds, wasp and pig finger puppets
Finger puppets
Felt art - Pod people, by Debie Deaton
Pod people
Bug with stripy costume and framed lady
Quizzical bug with framed lady
Felt stone with face - member of a rock group
Member of a (felt) rock group

I’ve shared Mixed Media Artist Debie Deaton’s felt art characters before, here and here. Every character’s expression is designed to lift our spirits and make us smile, and many of their names are funny too. You can find more on Debie’s Instagram feed:

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Egg-ecutive Chef #eggshibition, #feltedwool

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WordPress announced yesterday that they’re bringing back Discover prompts during April. The rules are slightly different this time. Writers, photographers and any other kind of creative interpretations are welcomed. Today’s prompt is joke… I’m claiming these are jocular.

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