Crocus paschei and Iris Seeds

Pale lilac Crocus paschei with yellow centre and orange stamens

A fine pot of the spring flowering, pale lilac, species crocus, Crocus paschei, was exhibited at the Iris reticulata show by Sue Bedwell, taking first place in its class.

The flowers have a distinctive yellow throat and orange stamens. These ones had luminous petals with delicate veining, but the flowers can sometimes be a darker shade of lilac.

You might wonder why I do not have pictures of the irises to show. Good question. I did manage one:

Photographer taking pictures of specimens at the Iris reticulata show

If you fancy the challenge of growing irises from seed, I noticed that the British Iris Society’s seed list has recently been opened up online so that non-members can purchase spare seeds following the annual members’ exchange. I imagine there will be restrictions on which countries the seeds can be sent to.

Check out the seed list here (an email is given for enquiries) or follow the society on Facebook.

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