Rose garden in flower during Rosemoor's Festival of Roses

If you’ve landed here in search of my blog you’re in (roughly) the right place. Thanks for being here – I hope you’ll have time to linger, have some fun, and come back often.

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This post has been repurposed from my original note to let regular readers know I was changing my blog’s theme. The encouraging comments below relate to that.

44 Replies to “Blog”

  1. Good luck with the change-over. I moved our family blog to a new theme a couple of years ago, and know it can be a real headache at times to get everything back up and running.

    The only helpI can offer is to keep a notebook by your side and log all the changes that you make, step by step. It’s easier then to take a step or two back if something doesn’t look right. Hope it all works well for you!

  2. Good luck with the updating! I have plans to do a bit of that with my blog too, but am a bit nervous about messing it all up…eek!

    1. Thanks, Ann and good luck to you too. Most people are nervous about messing things up, even when they do it for a living. Luckily it is not quite as easy to mess things up as we fear. And if things don’t go to plan, there is always someone we can ask for help.

    1. Thank you, and good luck to you when your turn comes around. The weird thing is doing a redesign knowing that so many WordPress visitors will never see our sites as we have designed them.

  3. Good luck! I play around with blog themes occasionally and I know it can be disruptive, usually where older posts are concerned, but there is that old saying that a change is as good as a rest 😉

    1. Now, this is a photo challenge – find a picture that can be compressed to a reasonably small file that looks OK(ish) blown up far bigger than its resolution on a wide screen and far smaller on a phone; that will be automatically cropped at almost any height and any width and conveys the essence of my site and a warm, welcoming feeling…

  4. Good luck, Susan!!! One and a half years ago I moved from a very simple wordpress blog to my own wordpress website… It was a bit of a challenge but well worth it!! It’s always great when you change for something more similar to what you imagine your blog should look! Looking forward to seeing your new page!

    1. Whereas you built a new house, I am just redecorating! Your blog looks great, and you are a wonderful photographer. I had the weird experience of imagining I could smell the Icelandic horses, looking at the picture.

      1. Uuummm, I hope the smell doesn’t bother you!! I used to ride when I was younger and I got used to that smell, hehehe. In that part of Iceland, it smelled more to sulfur than horses!!! I’m happy you liked the website. The first template I used for the blog was simple but not enough… I think the new page shows more my work 🙂
        I’m looking forward to seeing the redecoration of your blog!

  5. At one point a paid a friend of my son to redesign my blog. It helped, I think. I’m just not very good at fiddling with wordpress, or internet stuff generally. Interested to see how your blog evolves.

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